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Louisville Loves Body Parts

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A City That’s Not Just a Pretty Face
When it comes to enjoying the physically pleasing parts of life — some of the best food and pharmacy clomid coolest music in the country, great college sports, a vibrant riverfront, horseracing, Olmsted parks and North America’s largest municipal urban forest, bourbon, hip neighborhoods like NuLu and the Highlands, and much more — Louisville’s one of the most attractive metropolitan bodies in the country. But we’re also:

A City of Great Taste
Part cool venue, part handy segue from this section to the next, tomorrow evening is the Taste of Innovation, over two hours of unlimited food and spirits provided by more than 30 of the region’s most creative chefs, restaurants, brewers, baristas, distillers, and mixologists, with musical entertainment at Churchill Downs.

A City of Deep Thought
This week we welcome folks from around the globe as they visit us for IdeaFestival 2013 (September 24–27). The world’s leading thinkers, doers, and innovators join curious minds for four days to explore, discuss, and celebrate innovation, imagination, and world-changing ideas. Click here for the brilliant line-up of speakers.

Convening an unparalleled assembly of CEOs and industry leaders, the Louisville Innovation Summit is committed to transforming thought leadership in innovation for aging care of the future. From November 12–13 at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, leaders and innovators will provide insight, share expertise, and explore new avenues of ingenuity to redefine the future of quality aging care.

(A quick shout to another Louisville gem, Nucleus, which brings together all the elements involved in innovation and research commercialization under one roof — a green roof, coincidentally. Nucleus provides business management and consulting services to entrepreneurs, and is integral to the development of UofL’s downtown Haymarket research park.)

A City That Cares
Next week the city welcomes the first annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. Celebrating the greatness of people around the world who are making differences in their communities and beyond, the event will be held from 6:00 pm until 9:30 pm on Thursday, October 3, in the Grand Ballroom of the Galt House Hotel.

Just last week, Louisville made the Top 10 in Forbes “Most Compassionate U.S. Cities” list. The article talks about our Give A Day program, which brought together more than 100,000 volunteers in April, and helped us to climb the ranks to be one of the five fastest-growing volunteering cities this year.

Louisville is the largest city in America to sign a resolution adopting the international Charter for Compassion (watch the video). Louisville is also embarking on a 10-year campaign for compassion, and in 2012 we were awarded “World’s Number One City of Compassion” by the Compassionate Action Network International Institution.

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Louisville Finally Gets Some Answers

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Meet the New2Flug TeamWhat Is Flugtag?
Flugtag (pronounced FLOOG-TOG) is German for “Flying Day,” and on Saturday, September 21, in five different cities around America, there’ll be events in which competitors attempt to fly home-made human-powered flying machines by launching them off a pier into a river or lake. The vehicle that gets the farthest wins — although there are also points for creativity and showmanship.

This year, Louisville’s team “New2Flug” (comprised of folks from New2Lou) will be representing Kentucky in Bernham Park, Chicago, and they’ll be riding / flying / launching a massive Pegasus.

(Come to Think of it, What’s New2Lou?)
New2Lou is a social organization designed for transplants to Louisville. They host events that give people an opportunity to mingle and meet locals who can provide insiders’ information, helping make the transition to Possibility City a smooth one.

What Is a Pegasus?
Call yourself a Louisvillian? Pegasus is Louisville’s official bird. (OK, it’s really not. Pegasus is in fact the mythical winged horse of Greek legend.)

What Is Crowdfunding?
Competing in this challenging and competitive event is costly (basically, they have to build their flying machine and then get it to Chicago). So our team has set up a crowdfunding site. (Crowdfunding is crowd-sourced fundraising, a grassroots way of raising the sort of money necessary to transport a large aerial machine to a body of water, into which said large object can then be projected. We never said it made much sense.)

How Can I Help?
That’s a very good question. Visit New2Lou’s page and follow their exploits as they prepare to take on Flutaggers from around the country in Louisville’s honor.

If that sounds as if it’s going to demand too much energy, then just like their page on Facebook and follow all the action from the comfort of your mobile device.

Louisville Is Building Bridges Worldwide

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Ahalan! Parev! Zdravei! Nei Ho! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Aloha! Shalom! Namaste! Hola! Selam! Sawubona!
It’s Time for WorldFest 2013!
Anyone who’s visited Downtown Louisville in the past few years can tell you how much it’s changed. It’s not just the regeneration of Main Street or the Fourth Street corridor; it’s not the waterfront and the Pedestrian Bridge . . . or even the bustle of the new Downtown bridge construction; it’s not the massive golden statue of David rising from a colony of red plastic penguins; it’s not the arrival of more and more bourbon headquarters or the relentless regularity with which our urban eateries garner national recognition.

It’s people. Loads of ‘em. From all over the world.

More Cultures than a Roomful of Petri Dishes
Louisville has become a metropolitan city. With at least 90 languages spoken in our public schools and 50 percent of the city’s population growth over the past 15 years coming from international residents, Louisville is more culturally diverse than ever.

If All the World’s a Stage, What Does That Make the Belvedere?
In celebration of this spirit, and for its eleventh year, Possibility City welcomes WorldFest, one of the region’s largest international festivals. Admission to WorldFest is free all four days of Labor Day weekend — Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2 — and you’ll be able to experience world food, music, dance, culture, and education on the Belvedere.

For more information about all the activities and presentations, CLICK HERE.

This Message Is Brought to You by G.L.I.P.
While we’re on the subject, try to make the Salsa, Soul, Sushi, and Samosas event on Saturday evening, September 14 at the Louisville Palace. Ten business associations are collaborating to create a cool networking experience that celebrates cultural diversity and professional opportunity in le Ville du Possibilité.

Did You Know September is International and Innovation month in Louisville? There’ll be an abundance of international events, including VindaLou (India Day at the Belvedere) and Louisville’s first African Heritage Festival, both on September 21.

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